Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and refinement
To provide customers with satisfactory products and services
Zhejang Firsd Group Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level Large foreign tradeenterprise established in 1980 by China Native and Lvestock Zhejiang TeaImport and Export Corporation through restructuring, with a registeredcaptal of 282 million yuan, The company's controling shareholder isZhejiang Xinghe Group Co, LTD, which has been among the top 500Enterprises in China for 17 consecutive years. The company's businessscope manly includes clothing, mechanical and electrical, householdapplances, chemical raw materials and products sales at home andabroad, industrial investment, warehousing services, technical consultingservces and other businesses
top 500
The controlling shareholder is Zhejiang Xinghe Group,which has been ranked among China's top 500 enterprises for 17 consecutive years
1 billion
with an annual output of 1 billion yuan of clothing, auto parts production enterprises
More than 20
There are more than 20 member enterprises
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